Powerpuff Girl (Buttercup) costume pictures, full body and close-up

Powerpuff Girl (Buttercup)

[paper lantern, wire, garbage bag, tissue paper, fabric, zipper, ribbon]

Batman costume pictures: close-up power stance and nighttime silhouette


[felt, velcro, elastic, clips]

Thomas the Tank Engine costume: full length-picture

Thomas the Tank Engine

[fabric, paper lanterns, cords, corrugated plastic, jingle bell, scraps]

Harold the Helicopter costume pictures: front and back views, and with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Harold the Helicopter

[fabric, felt, stuffing, straws, embroidery thread, plain onesie]

Transformer Rescue Bots (Boulder the Rescue Dinobot) costume: front, side and back views, and transformed pose

Transformer Rescue Bots 

(Boulder the Rescue Dinobot)

[fabric, eva foam sheets, stuffing, plastic helmet, button covers, grommets, elastic, sweat bands, magnets]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar costume: front and back views, close-up of food items, and in action with a play barbecue set

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carle

[fabric, stuffing, felt, yarn, embroidery thread, plastic coil, grommets, zipper]

Mr. Topsy Turvy costume, with close-ups of nametag, briefcase, cane and hat props

Mr. Topsy Turvy

by Roger Hargreaves

[felt, paper, scraps]

Go Away, Big Green Monster! modular storytelling props

Go Away, Big Green Monster!

by Ed Emberley

[popsicle sticks, felt, fabric, transparency sheet, magnets, glue]

Anpanman & Baikinman piñatas with ribbon pulls

Anpanman & Baikinman


[paper lanterns, crepe paper streamers, paper, ribbon, plates, scraps]

R2-D2 costume: standing and fierce in-action pose


[duct tape, foil tape, painter's tape, paper lantern, plastic netting, LED lights, wire, scraps]

BB-8 costume with lights and flaming thumbs-up pose


[duct tape, masking tape, paper lantern, beach ball, LED lights, drink lid, wire, scraps]

Minecraft Steve costume: full view pose

Minecraft Steve

[paper, straws, cellophane, felt, thread, elastic, velcro, baseball cap, wire]

Minecraft Trunk-or-Treasure with LED paper lanterns, lit-up sign, and glowing treasure box



[character lanterns: paper, tape, straws, LED lights, cellophane; foil, cardboard]

Super Mario Kart standard bike: front, back and side views

Super Mario Kart

(Standard Bike)

[duct tape, electrical tape, plastic tubing, plates, straws, floral vases, foam nunchucks, knee pads, bubble wrap, motion-activated LED lights, scraps]

Super Mario Kart flame rider: front, back and side views

Super Mario Kart

(Flame Rider)

[duct tape, electrical tape, plastic tubing, plates, straws, floral vases, foam nunchucks, knee pads, bubble wrap, motion-activated LED lights, scraps]

Nintendo Visit with Mario and Luigi on Super Mario Kart standard bike and flame rider

Nintendo Visit

Redmond, WA

Mini Pokéballs placed in egg cartons

Mini Pokéballs

[toy capsules, paint, tape, stickers, sharpie, Pokémon minifigures inside]

Mini Pokéballs glowing and activated with LED lights inside

Mini Pokéballs


(w/LED lights)

Pokémon Trainers equipped with multi-sized LED-lit pokéballs

Pokémon Trainers

[ornament balls, jumbo favor balls, paint, tape, stickers, sharpie, LED lights,   Pokémon minifigures inside]

Mandalorian Helmet

[cardboard, duct tape, plastic face shield, black cellophane]

[Template Credit: DIY PROPS/Dustin McLean]

Mandalorian Armor & Accessories

[dollar store materials, straws, LED lights, wax origami paper, gold Sharpie, belt]

DIY Mandalorian Costume

[mostly duct tape, dollar store materials, scraps]

DIY Mandalorian Jetpack

[mostly duct tape, cardboard, straws, scraps, wax paper, LED lights]

DIY Mandalorian Costume upgraded with Jetpack

DIY Shiny Lugia Costume

[plain hoodie & pants set, fabric, thread, plushie stuffing (not shown), LED lights]

DIY Shiny Lugia Costume (Pattern Pieces)

[made with brown grocery bags]

DIY Shiny Lugia Costume (Closeup View)

[had to fix the backwards holes!]

DIY Shiny Lugia Costume (Front/Side/Back Views)

DIY Ceruledge Costume Materials

[dollar store and fabric store materials plus plain sweatshirt set (swords and visor not used in final design)]

DIY Ceruledge Helmet & Sword (Pattern Pieces)

[fabric store materials and brown grocery bags]

DIY Ceruledge Helmet Testing

[found the extra helmet with visor part at a different dollar store!]

DIY Ceruledge Swords

[fabric store materials and eva foam inserts; LED lights inserted after along the inside edges]

DIY Ceruledge Costume (Side View)

(older brother put together most of his own cool costume this year, inspired by the book THE PERFECT RUN! He made the glasses and mask; we co-made the velvet hat; I made the steampunk bowtie; jacket & gloves bought)

DIY Ceruledge Costume (Front View)